IN THE NEWS : UMass Medical receives $10M to study rare diseases 2017-11-30

University of Massachusetts Medical School has received one of its largest donations ever, to establish an institute to study rare diseases, medical school officials announced Tuesday.

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“Shekou News”:Enterprises to Donate more than 10 Million RMB to Enhance the Zhongshan Pak Landscape 2017-08-08

On the afternoon of July 22, executive administrators of the Zhongshan Park Management Office and Shenzhen Glory Harvest Properties (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as Glory Harvest) signed a donation contract for the construction project, with the signing attended and supervised by Nanshan District Urban Management Bureau management.

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Southern Metropolis Daily:The Li Weibo Charitable Foundation to Donate 3 Million RMB to Luohu 2017-06-16

This is the fourth consecutive year for Li Weibo to donate to poverty assistance programs for families in Luohu. The day before yesterday, in Luohu District, Shennan Dong Road, on the 56th floor of Shun Hing Square’s Diwang Building, the Li Weibo Charitable Foundation donated 3 million RMB to the Luohu District Charitable Association, to be used in the “Luohu Love” poverty alleviation project.

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“Shenzhen Evening News”:Compassionate Company Donates Over 10 Million RMB to Zhongshan Park 2017-06-16

On the afternoon of July 22, Nanshan District’s Zhongshan Park Management Office signed a donation contract with Shenzhen Glory Harvest Properties (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as Glory Harvest). Glory Harvest has agreed to unconditionally donate over 10 million RMB to assist Zhongshan Park with their Phase II landscape upgrades.

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Southern Metropolis Daily:Shenzhen Research Institute Announce Naming of the Li Weibo Building 2017-06-12

The Chinese University of Hong Kong Shenzhen Research Institute held its naming ceremony for the Li Weibo Building the day before yesterday at Nanshan Virtual Science and Technology Park. Li Weibo, Chairman and CEO of the Glory Harvest Group, donated HK $30 million to support the development t of the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

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The Video"Twinning Activities,Love In GHG" Was Broadcast In Luohu.Com. 2017-06-12

At the beginning of April, 2014, the video "Twinning activities,Love in GHG"taken by the government of Luohu District was broadcast in The video introduces the Glory Harvest's love action in twinning activities in Luohu, showing a strong sense of social responsibility of the Glory Harvest Group.

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Shenzhen Evening Post: Giving it away: GHG Corporate Charitable Initiatives 2017-06-12

“Receiving greetings from the people I have helped makes me feel everything pays off”. Glory Harvest Group has started to provide long-term support to 100 families who are struggling with their finance in Luohu District since last year by offering each family 800 yuan every month.

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Jingbao News:Compassion in Luohu, Helping the Poor Face Their Struggles is Becoming Routine 2015-06-10

In August 2012, the “Love Luohu” joint charity campaign formally began, and Li Weibo decided to donate 1 million per year, aimed at helping 100 families in the Dongmen area of Luohu.

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China News Network:Hong Kongers Set Up Medical Relief Charity in Maoming 2015-03-31

On the 28th, Hong Kong entrepreneur Li Weibo donated 500,000 RMB as initial start-up capital to set up the Medical Relief Charity Foundation in his hometown of Maoming, Guangdong, specifically aimed at helping the impoverished patients there.

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Shenzhen TV:CUHK Received HK $30 M Grant from Li Weibo Foundation 2014-10-31

The Shenzhen Research Institute of Chinese University of Hong Kong received a HKD $30 M grant from Li Weibo Foundation to fund the construction of the institute’s nine-story 25,000 square meters building.

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