The Li Weibo Foundation donates more than US$10 Million to the UMASS Medical School 2017-11-24

In the first ten days of October, Chairman Li Weibo donated US$10 million, in the name of the Li Weibo Foundation, to the University of Massachusetts Medical School. The donation will be used to build the Li Weibo Institute for Research into Rare Diseases, with an aim to achieving breakthroughs in the study of rare diseases and benefiting patients.

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SUSTech signs Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Li Weibo Charitable Foundation 2018-04-02

On December 29th, 2017, the signing ceremony for the strategic cooperation agreement and donation between SUSTech and the Li Weibo Charitable Foundation affiliated to the Glory Harvest Group was held in the International Conference Hall of the Administrative Building of SUSTech.

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The Li Weibo Foundation visits residents on Sungang Street 2017-11-24

On September 28th, with the annual Mid-Autumn Festival just around the corner, deputy director of the Group Office, Yu Zhaokun, visited poverty-stricken residents on Sungang Street.

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Hua Cui, Chief of Maoming’s Dianbai District,carry out a research in Shanliao Village 2017-11-24

On the morning of October 22nd, Hua Cui, deputy secretary of the CPC Committee and government chief of Dianbai District, Maoming City, together with Lu Xiaoli, member of the standing committee of the CPC Committee and United Front Work Department chief for the district, carried out a research tour on New Rural Development at Shanliao Village.

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Pan Hua Visited Shanliao Village to research New Rural Development 2017-11-24

On the morning of October 27th, Pan Hua, former chairman of the People’s Congress of Maoming City, visited Shanliao Village to research the New Rural Development project.

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Li Weibo Foundation Donated RMB 5 Million to Boost Education in Baise City 2017-09-12

On August 2, Mr. Li Weibo, permanent honorary board chairman of Li Weibo Charity Foundation, donated RMB 5 million to Baise City Education Foundation in Guangxi Autonomous Region to help local poverty-stricken children complete their schooling and boost the development of education in Baise City.

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Li Weibo Foundation Again Donates RMB5 Million to Luohu 2017-05-30

On March 13, Li Weibo Charity Foundation 2017 “Love Luohu” One-to-One Poverty Alleviation Donation Ceremony took place at Zense Hotel under Glory Harvest Group. Mr. Li Weibo, honorary director of the Foundation, generously donated again RMB5 million to the effort of helping the less fortunate families in Luohu District.

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Li Weibo Foundation greets Shanliao Primary School to celebrate Children’s Day 2017-07-11

On May 31, to celebrate International Children’s Day on June 1, Mr. Li Weibo, honorary chairman of the Li Weibo Foundation, entrusted the Shanliao Promotion Committee to greet the teachers and students of Shanliao Primary School and deliver festive gifts to the children. ​

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Donated to Dianbai Revolutionary Education Base 2017-05-24

On April 9, Mr. Li Hao, former CPC secretary of Shenzhen and honorary chairman of Shenzhen Dianbai Chamber of Commerce arrived at Glory Harvest Group to present a plaque of thanks, to express his appreciation of Li Weibo Charity Foundation for donating RMB3.99 million to Dianbai Revolutionary Education Base.

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Mr. Li Again Donated HK$ 2 Million to Yan Chai Hospital(HK) 2017-05-17

On April 7 at the Swearing-in Ceremony of the 50th BOD of Yan Chai Hospital, Hong Kong, Mr. Li Weibo, honorary director of Li Weibo Charity Foundation, again donated RMB2 million to the hospital for “2018 Charity Night of Yan Chai”; he was appointed as advisor to the 50th BOD of the hospital for the year.

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