Mr. Li Weibo is an honorary professor, a Ph.D., and founder of Glory Harvest Group (GHG). In 2013, Mr. Li established the Li Weibo Foundation, which is a non-public foundation organization. Our objectives are the "Promote education, entrepreneurship, and assistance to orphans”. Mr. Li Weibo will donate half of his wealth to charity.

The Li Weibo foundation has donated a lot of charity project construction. In particular, in terms of supporting education, in 2007, Mr. Li made a grant to the Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen). In recognition, named a campus building the "Li Weibo Building". In terms of Constructing New Villages, The Shanliao Council of donated, Constructing New Villages was established in with Chairman Li Weibo as 2013 its Founder and Head, and funded fully by charitable contributions from the Li Weibo Foundation. In the future, Li Weibo charitable foundation will continue to looking for charitable projects. Such as, education, science and technology to support more individuals or groups to better contribute to the community.


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